Heartfelt Catholic Ceremony | Destination Wedding Photographer

The crowd hushed as Karisa’s brother started strumming the ukelele and singing the first sweet notes of Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Not a dry eye was in sight by the end of this sweet moment from Brik & Karisa’s heartfelt Catholic Ceremony with friends and family.

This darling couple (I have a true soft spot for these two — Karisa is my husband’s cousin!) knew that family was extremely important to them, and truly prioritized their family’s participation in each portion of the beautiful day! It was a small bridal party – just siblings – and I knew as the destination wedding photographer that getting candid moments with the family during the ceremony and reception was a must.

The couple’s faith was also very important to them. Karisa’s gorgeous white rose bouquet was bound with her rosary, and the two chose Corpus Christi Catholic Church as their ceremony site.

After the ceremony, Brik and Karisa’s reception was off to a great start at the W Banquet Hall! We took a short detour on the way (be sure to scroll down and catch a few candids from the party in the limo on the way!) and took pictures at gardens around The Oread Hotel. And then it was on to the reception to celebrate the newlyweds!

The reception was a BLAST. Great music. Super delicious food… but my favorite part of it all was Karisa’s Dad and Brother’s speeches. They both sang to her – her dad singing “My Little Sunshine” and her brother bringing pulling out the ukelele for the moment described above. Both performances had the entire crowd in tears – it was truly moving! But this was the kind of celebration where these teary-eyed moments only made the celebration more meaningful and truly happy! And let me tell you, these happy guests closed the place out! Man, it was so much fun.

Karisa and Brik – thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day! Love you always. And to everyone else – I hope you enjoy these candid, beautiful moments from their heartfelt Catholic ceremony with friends and family. Don’t miss a moment!

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