California Vineyard Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer

It’s a sunny, 75 degree, blue-sky day for this California vineyard wedding. Nick walks his new bride, Kristen, over to the bright red 1965 Volkswagen Beetle and gently hands her into the front seat. What a classic, vintage getaway car! But this little bug is extra special – it belonged to Nick’s late Grandpa, who Nick had made promise to come to his wedding. He didn’t quite make it. So Herbie made it in his place. Nick and Kristen kiss, and you can almost feel the benevolent approval beaming on the newlywed couple.

Nick and Kristen hail from Santa Maria, and chose this sunny vineyard as the perfect place to celebrate their union with family and friends. The day was idyllic! Perfect weather, gorgeous verdant view, big time celebration at the reception! The couple chose cool dusty blues and grays for bridesmaid gowns and groomsmen’s tuxes, and the bouquets caught a hint of the same blue in the center of each white poppy. As a destination wedding photographer with an eye for color, this combo was a DREAM. The cool tones were an impeccable complement to the bright green grass, hot sunshine, and – of course – that bright red getaway car!

Time and location don’t always allow for all your dearly loved ones to join you on your day, but there are so many ways to include them in spirit or memory. I love that Nick and Kristen chose to include his Grandpa’s memory in such a fun and intimate way! The photos with his cherry red Volkswagen are sure to be remembered and celebrated throughout the years.

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