EMMA & CHRISTIAN | Oklahoma City Anniversary

First of all, happy one year anniversary!!

These two are probably the most adorable couple I have ever seen! You could tell just by the way they looked at one another how much love they had for each other — it just gave me all the warm fuzzies!

Their love story, I swear, was pulled straight out of a Nicholas Sparks story book. Christian and Emma are not from the same town; in fact, they aren’t even from the same state. Christian was born and raised in Georgia and Emma, in Mississippi. They met on their family vacations on the beach in Florida when they were just teens. Gahh, already swooning! They dated long distance for a few years when, in 2019, they decided to get married in the beautiful hills of Tennessee. They then brought their love story here to Oklahoma where they built a beautiful home and life.

I loved everything about the day I spent with Christian and Emma. We chose the parking garage on tenth and it probably was the best decision we made! You would never think a parking garage could be romantic, but it was… and, oh, it was dreamy! These two’s undeniable love and chemistry brought it to life and it was beautiful.

Emma and Christian, thank you for letting me capture the love you both share for each other on your anniversary. You both were truly such a joy to be around and I wish you nothing but happiness in your future together!

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