Sarah & Triston | Kansas Country Wedding

This wedding was SO. MUCH. FUN!!

Sarah and Triston were longtime lovers and their wedding party was a blast! From hitch kicks and hat tipping to arguing over putting down the Keystone for pictures, I don’t think there was a dull moment the entire day and I loved EVERY minute of it!

These two got married in Medicine Lodge, Kansas on Triston’s family’s land and it was absolutely breathtaking! In true Kansas fashion, the boys had to round up the cattle before the ceremony so they wouldn’t eat all the hay bales they used for guest seating. Right before the ceremony, Sarah wanted to do a first look with her two sons. Y’all, my heart melted! Those two little cowboys loved their momma with all they had and their reaction to seeing her in her wedding dress was absolutely priceless. Such a beautiful moment. Then she did a first look with her father. I couldn’t… I still can’t… The way he looked at her was something that will never leave my mind. You could just tell how proud of her he was and how beautiful he thought his little girl was. That was his baby getting married and everyone who witnessed him seeing her for the first time could tell you that. Thinking about it now brings me to tears. 

Sarah and Triston exchanged their vows in front of all their family and friends and it was perfect. The day was perfect; the lighting was perfect; the people were perfect. You could feel all the love that surrounded them and it was truly beautiful.

After their ceremony, that’s when the real party started! Everyone headed down to the Gyp Hills Guest Ranch, and it was nothing but good food, great music, and the BEST, best man’s speech I’ve ever heard! Good job, Sarah. ;P 

This wedding will forever go down as one of my favorites. Why? The people, the atmosphere, the love… it all was warm, welcoming and FUN! These people were Kansas through and through and I loved it! Sarah & Triston, thank you for letting me be a part of your day! Wishing you nothing but the best in your future together! 

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