Wow! By far one of the wildest engagement shoots I’ve shot to date! 

Prior to Jasmine and Daniel’s photoshoot, I had never met them and let me start off by saying, I feel like our lives have been parallel for a long time and we’ve just never crossed paths until now! Hear me out.

My husband and I have three beautiful, wonderful, super spoiled German Shepherds. One is all black (not very common) and Jasmine and Daniel also have a black German Shepherd! Weird right!? That’s not it! When I first met Jasmine and Daniel on our Zoom meeting, she mentioned how she was pretty tall. I asked her how tall she was because I myself am a little taller than average. She goes, “well, I always say 5’10”, but…” Stopppp. I do the same thing! Too. crazy. Oh, and it doesn’t end there. My husband proposed to me on March 31st, 2019 and we had original plans to get married on April 25th, 2020. Daniel proposed to Jasmine in late March of this year and Y’ALL they are getting married April 25th, 2021!!! I’m telling you. Crazy. But I love it and it just makes me want to be their friends even more!

Getting back to the shoot, Jasmine, Daniel and I had plans to meet at Will Rogers Gardens by 5pm. Right before, I received a text from Jasmine saying they’d be a few minutes late. They had misplaced the ring and had to stop to look for it. You know those signs that businesses have in their front windows that say ‘no shirt, no shoes, no service.?’ Well, I need one that says ‘no ring, no engagement photo session.’ Haha! anyway, Luckily, they were able to find it and showed up RIGHT before 5 and we got inside to get BEAUTIFUL pictures!

**A little fact: Will Rogers Gardens closes their gates at 5pm so if you are not in the gardens by then you can’t get in. Little did we know that if you are in the gardens after 5pm it is very difficult to get out! Luckily, there was a wedding going on so one of the gates was still open which we ended up sneaking out through. Phew!

Our next spot was the Santa Fe parking garage, which for many, is a popular spot when it comes to engagement shoots! We were super excited about it too until a security guard approached us when we got out of our cars. Like, what?! I swear we didn’t do anything… He told us that under new rules from the new owners, we couldn’t shoot up there. I still call bogus, but we had already told him what we were doing, so there really wasn’t any going back at that point. lol *insert palms up emoji**

Jasmine, Daniel and I then headed down to the streets to get those last minute golden hour shots with a city vibe and wow! They did not disappoint! The building we found was stunning! We think it was an old train station; it had gorgeous high vaulted ceilings and beautiful, old tile designs. ahh! I was in love! 

Jasmine and Dylan— I mean, Daniel, (iykyk) you guys are awesome! huge congrats on your engagement! I seriously can’t wait for your guy’s wedding in April! but first, hike in the Wichitas with the dogs this weekend? I’m down. 😉

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