Cam & John | Oklahoma Engagement at Sorelle – Meadow on Deer Creek

Cam and John! You guys are AWESOME! Even through a 20-minute downpour in the beginning of our session, you still made the best of things and brought lots of great energy to the shoot! I’m not going to lie, my heart literally melted every time John looked at Cam.

My husband hired John to be his graduate assistant to coach the tight ends at SWOSU two years ago and I’m so glad he did! Between hanging out at our house and watching our pups while we were away, John quickly became like a brother to me. I mean, if my dogs love him, how could I not?!

Cam is like the sister I never had. It’s always a great time when we get together and our dogs love each other too, so that’s just a bonus! She also does photography so there’s always something to chat about! I can’t wait until our next dog park date or hiking adventure, guys!!

This shoot was so FUN! I love the fact that I’ve known them the entire time they’ve been together – it’s one of those things where you know they’re meant for each other and are so happy they found each other!! 

Part of their shoot took place on SWOSU’s football field, the place where it all pretty much started! There was so much nostalgia that day, realizing that had John not come down to coach football at SWOSU, chances of John and Cam ever meeting were slim! This reminds me of just how special our little SWOSU coach family circle is and all of the memories we’ve created together!

Even though the day was cloudy and cold (and, of course, windy too! I mean, who are we kidding? We live in Oklahoma.), you both kept me smiling throughout… especially when there were difficulties with the blanket, right John!?

Cam and John, thanks for letting me share in this adventure with you guys!! Happy wedding planning (Because LORD knows those days can be tough), and I wish you all the best in getting Edison a SISTER! I can’t wait to be there for the big day this July! 😊

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