Halee & Justin | Oklahoma Engagement at Little Sahara State Park

Between having to buy an 8 foot flag, holding it outside the jeep window and attempting to “tame the dunes” — OH, and almost getting stuck multiple times… this engagement session was one for the books!!

Justin and Halee were such troopers! We all headed out to Waynoka not really knowing what to expect. Little did we know, Oklahoma has this 1,600 acre plot of pure-awesomeness and it’s called Little Sahara. It was exactly that—sand dunes in the middle of Oklahoma and they were massive! Crazy! Who would have thought?!

A little back story with these two, Justin and Halee were the first couple to ever let me photograph them–so I just love them dearly. Both are from Texas and a few years back, my husband recruited Justin to play receiver for him so that’s when I got to meet all three of them. Well, that’s a lie, baby Noah hadn’t been born yet, but close. 😉 Since then we’ve all become close— even so much so as to let them come over and BEAT us in Spades. They cheated though, somehow. 😛

They’ve really been such a fun couple and family to get to know! They both are go-getters; working full time, going to school full time, playing college football full time and being parents full time. Like, KUDOS to them! That’s amazing and I’m tired just thinking about it!

Getting to shoot with them out in the middle of the desert was honestly such a great experience! Watching them together and how they interacted was so sweet (it definitely pulled on my heart strings). You could just tell how much love was there and how strong it was— it was really beautiful. They were hilarious too. None of us really fully thought it through as to how hard it would be to climb sand dunes. I’ll save you the sweat—it’s challenging. Needless to say, we all got our exercise that day and had a great time doing it, HA! Noah did amazing as well! The first time we met, he was tiny-tiny and wasn’t having the whole picture thing. This time around though, he was a total champ and took complete advantage of the giant sandbox we were in. I swear, he found everything he shouldn’t have! He just kept digging— it was super sweet.

Justin and Halee, you both were an absolute BLAST! I’m so glad that we got to hang out together last weekend and I honestly can’t wait to celebrate with y’all at your wedding!! November can’t come soon enough! Well, football season first. Let’s not forget about that! 😉

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