Kelsey & Wyatt | The Mystery Rodeo Couple Engagement Session in Dibble, Oklahoma

I don’t think I’ve ever loved an engagement session more!

Hear me out: I had never actually met these two before. We crossed paths when I was in Weatherford, Oklahoma at SWOSU’s College Rodeo. Wyatt, a saddle bronc rider for SWOSU, had just had a 77 point ride when he hopped off and ran across the arena. No one had any idea what was going on. He jumped the fence, grabbed this girl, dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him! I’m not kidding when I say this: EVERYONE in the crowd’s jaw dropped, mine included, and our hearts were stolen instantly! Thank goodness for social media—after the rodeo, I posted the small clip that I recorded of them and SWOSU took it the rest of the way. Tons of people reached out and helped me find Wyatt and Kelsey.

We went out to Wyatt’s family’s farm in Dibble, Oklahoma to do their engagement session. If you’ve never been to Dibble, I’ll give you a quick sum-up: it may be the length of a couple of football fields, has zero stoplights and one cop that will get you if you miss one of the hidden speed limit signs (I may or may not have tested this out already), and if you blink fast twice, you might miss it. So, it’s a great little Oklahoma town.  A few miles out of town when I pulled into their ranch, I was shocked! It was like a hidden treasure. There were rolling hills of green grass everywhere. The trees were in full bloom and the sun reflected beautifully off of their pond in the back of the property. Then add in the herd of mares and their foals in the background. It was like heaven on earth!

Wyatt and Kelsey brought with them their two horses, Nola and Mr. Biggs, and their spunky little kid, Snowflake. I don’t know which one was my favorite, they were all adorable! No, I’m lying… Snowflake had to have been my favorite. She was a little firecracker and followed us around everywhere. I’ve never met a goat more like a dog in my life—what a doll!

Between riding and just hanging out, the whole evening was so much fun!  I had only just met the two of them, but you could tell right away how GREAT they were together! When he’d make her laugh, he’d REALLY make her laugh; When they smiled, it was 100% genuine and you could just tell how happy they were together.

Kelsey and Wyatt, thank you for letting me hang out, ride, and snap a few photos along the way!  It was an absolute joy and I couldn’t be happier or more excited for the two of you! Congrats to the FUTURE Mr. & Mrs. Lohman!

Two last things: 1) Happy Birthday, Kelsey! 2) When can we do this again? 😉

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