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They passed each other in the halls of their college dorm for over two years before their love would blossom. Gabriel took every opportunity to be in Charish’s presence, and she turned down his every advance. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit, and she had time to reflect on the things she wanted and the way she felt about Gabriel. They reconnected over email, and before they knew it, they were exchanging vows at their romantic Oklahoma wedding. 

Their wedding was the kind that a lot of little girls dream of, and Charish’s father made sure her dreams were realized. It was so clear throughout the day what a great relationship she had with her dad who was so emotional during her first look with him, and who surprised her with a horse-drawn carriage since they used to pretend together when she was little. There was also a string quartet (so elegant!) and during the ceremony her dad sang while her brother played the piano. 

Family was a big focus of Gabriel and Charish’s day, with toasts from their parents, and a memory table for those who could not be with them to celebrate on this day. The details were so carefully considered and planned, and they all came together so beautifully (Check out the write-up about it on Wedding Chicks!). From the dreamy outdoor ceremony Charish had always dreamed of, to the reception that was inspired by watching Father of the Bride with her mother…the whole day was infused with personal details that meant something to the bride & groom.

Even with all the perfect details, Gabriel and Cherish know that the best part of their romantic Oklahoma wedding was all the people who gathered to be with them. I hope you enjoy their photos! Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see their old car exit!

man dips and kisses woman at romantic Oklahoma wedding
couple walks holding hands in field by destination wedding photographer
invitation, rings, and shoes by Hunter Hennes
man ties shoes at romantic Oklahoma wedding
man buttons vest by destination wedding photographer
smiling man sitting on couch by Hunter Hennes
hairpiece is placed at romantic Oklahoma wedding
woman applies lipstick in mirror by destination wedding photographer
women holding drinks smile at each other on couch by Hunter Hennes
bridesmaids see bride for first time at romantic Oklahoma wedding
bride holds her hands in front of herself by destination wedding photographer
mother buttons daughter's dress by Hunter Hennes
woman puts on perfume at romantic Oklahoma wedding
groomsmen and bridesmaids stand in front of building by destination wedding photographer
bride and father arrive by horse and carriage by Hunter Hennes
outdoor ceremony under large tree at romantic Oklahoma wedding
happy couple walks away from wedding altar by destination wedding photographer
man and woman kiss in carriage by Hunter Hennes
bridal party stands in front of large tree at romantic Oklahoma wedding
bridal party walks with bride and groom by destination wedding photographer
couple kisses while others cheer at romantic Oklahoma wedding
couple embraces under floral arch by Hunter Hennes
bride and groom hold hands and walk away by destination wedding photographer
woman looks out window in gown by destination wedding photographer
bridal bouquet of baby's breath by destination wedding photographer
bride stands under geometric arch at romantic Oklahoma wedding
bridal hair details with updo by Hunter Hennes
wedding couple dances at reception at romantic Oklahoma wedding
crowd celebrates at wedding reception by Hunter Hennes
cups are toasted by kissing couple by destination wedding photographer
couple exits wedding with sparklers and convertible at romantic Oklahoma wedding
couple drives away in convertible car by Hunter Hennes

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